Powerful tools
that improve
G Suite functionalities

Powerful tools that improve
G Suite functionalities

Why did the name of the service change?

FORIGOTRON was a good name for the initial limited service: a tool for deleting unwanted emails (FORIGO = Esperanto for DELETION). Over time, more functionalities were added and It became much more than a deletion tool. Since it is a set of tools devoted to Google, we deemed ToogleBox to be a better name.

How can ToogleBox help you?

Reacting and deleting harmful emails, adding an extra layer of protection

Allowing end users to recall internal emails when needed, to increase confidentiality

Using a standardized signature to reinforce your institutional image

Using the Bulletin Board to ensure visibility of your institutional messages

Cleaning up old contacts to avoid ex-employees to appear as suggested recipients

Massively update your contact directory to simplify it administration

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Super Admin

Permissions & domain

Human Resources

Internal institutional

Marketing Manager

Design signature & external communications

End Users

Recall Internal

ISP Cloud Services, makers of  ToogleBox

Is a Google Technology Partner whose headquarters are located in Miami, FL.
Our product is available for G Suite and G Suite for Education

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ISP Cloud Services, makers of  ToogleBox