Unwanted emails

ToogleBox adds useful functionalities to G Suite Superadmins and other designated users.
It has a powerful search tool (Reconnaissance) that allows tracking or deleting unwanted emails

End users are enabled to recall sent emails

Results include all emails
(inbox, sent, trash, cc, bcc)

Specialized UX for searching
email elements

Contact Management

ToogleBox helps keeping all address books free of unwanted email addresses.  
It prevents ex-employees to reappear as suggested recipients and cleans unwanted external contacts from your directory

Some important characteristics for this feature include:

Allows audit,
partial cleanup

Easily review and
update Share Contacts

Massively updates end-user
accounts information

Signature Management

Create a rich, full corporate signature using ToogleBox.
Reinforce your corporate image, advertise your social media accounts, include your promotions and show your geolocation

Some important characteristics for this feature include:

Daily schedule

Customizable by domain,OU
or individual

Automatically updates personal data from G Suite account info

Includes templates for
easy signature creation

Corporate Communication

Improve your internal communication with the Bulletin Board
Publish your institutional messages, emergencies or reminders without using emails,
making sure everyone reads them

User Friendly

Allows specific messages for
different audiences (OUs)

Visible in every Gmail,
while active

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